Jupiter 8-ER for Kontakt

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Jupiterbyjay presents:

Jupiter 8-ER Kontakt Instrument

This is not a simple recording of the JP-8 with
a cheap Audio Interface as you find everywhere for 5$!

Personally, I don't use the Kontakt filter! (Resonance)

either I can't set it correctly in the editor or it just doesn't sound good anyway.

Turn off the filter and try the one from Ableton, for example. (or your DAW one)
Try it out for your self.

There's a world of difference... the filter from Kontakt makes the samples bad.
(as I said, there may be a mistake on my part in the settings (screw wrench sign from kontakt)
The sound was recorded with the Burl B2 Bomber converter and
an original NEVE 1081 pre/ EQ! (EQ was on - No changes)

For me, It sounds 1000 times better without the Kontakt filter.
If anyone discovers an error in the settings please report it and it will be changed.


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We are proud to present this Sample Pack
for the Roland Jupiter 8 fans around the world.
The DAW users will experience 38 Kontakt instruments
The Demo Song shows off the
quality. Every Sound is included in
 awesome Pack. (not the Drums)

+ 3GB+ / Unzipped
  • + Uncompressed Pure 3D Sound

  • + 51 Kontakt Instruments
  • + 24Bit / 44kHz
  • + Mastering Grade ADC
  • + Stereo WAV Files
  • + Timeless Brass and String sounds
  • + Deep Bass and Subbass
  • + ERS Technology (Random Round Robin)
  • + Basic waveforms of the Synth

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Jupiter 8-ER for Kontakt

20 ratings
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